100,50,30,20,15,10ml bottle heat shrink bands x 200

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  • 100,50,30,20,15,10ml bottle heat shrink bands x 200
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1x pack of 200 Clear heat shrink bands avaliable in six  sizes  for 10ml ,15-20ml , 30ml or 50ml  50ml glass and 100ml   e-liquid dropper bottles with or without child resistant caps and 50ml glass bottles with or without child resistant caps

Please check the diameter of your bottles with a vernier Caliper as it is vital that your bottle is within a few mm smaller  than the max fit size 
The height of bottle is not as important as the bands can be cut down before use or if slightly to long any overhang will shrink flat over the top or bottom of the bottle. 
The neck size of the bottle is just the screw thread of any cap that will fit the bottle and is NOT the size of shrink band you will require 
10ml bottle bands fit standard 22mm diameter dropper bottles (and a large number of 5ml glass dropper bottles)

15/20ml bottle bands fit plastic dropper bottles of standard 24mm diameter (and a large number of 10ml size glass dropper bottles up to max of 25mm Diameter )
30ml bottle bands fit dropper bottles of 31mm diameter ( and a large number of large glass drinks bottle necks and lids)

50ml bottle bands fit dropper bottles of a max of 36mm diameter including many 30ml glass dropper bottles
(they will also fit and a number of sauce bottle necks and  caps)

50ml glass bottle bands fit bottles of a max of 39mm Diameter 

100ml bottle shrink bands fit bottles with a max Diameter of 46mm 

It is important to select the right Diameter  for your bottles.

These shrink bands are for  full body and cap wrap - shrink bands that  just fit around the top of eye dropper type bottles can also be found on this site 

Very simple to use,slip over bottle then zap with a hot air gun and in seconds the band will shrink tight to the bottle giving  a neat professional finish that will prevent tampering. ( a good hair dryer will also do the job but not as fast)

Vertical perforated to aid removal

Sold in bags of 200 please select required size from the drop down

10ml Shrink band size when laid flat is 36mm width x 68mm long
15/20ml heat shrink bands size when laid flat is 40mm width x69mm long 
30ml Shrink band size when laid flat is 51mm width x 80mm long
50ml shrink band size when laid flat is 57mm width x 90mm long 
50ml Glass bottle shrink band when laid flat is 62mm width x 92mm long
100ml bottle bands Size when laid flat is 73mm width x117 mm long

Also known as cut shrink bands, custom cut bands, tamper evident bands, tamper-evident seals, safety seals, cap bands, cap seals, clear bands, seamless bands.

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