420mah usb charger eGo

Product Details
  • 420mah usb charger eGo
  • 420mah usb
  • Weight: 20g
  • Product Condition: New
£2.38 inc. tax
Product Description

1 x usb charger ------ length 11 inch

420 mah Fast charge 420 mah for use with eGo type( C-T-W) batteries 650-1200+ mah
postage on this item is by weight and falls into the up to 100g band.

length 11 inch

Please Note
If you try to use this charger on on smaller/standard 510 or 510-T batteries you will kill them they should be charged with a 120-200mah charger which I don't stock.
please do not leave batteries completely unattended whilst charging. Charging batteries overnight is not recommended.

keep the connector clean and screw in gently -finger tight only to avoid pushing the battery center pin down.

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