DIY MIXING propylene glycol PG for e-liquid

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  • DIY MIXING propylene glycol PG for e-liquid
  • pgdiy200
  • cig-eliquid
  • Weight: 350g
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200 ml*
£3.98 inc. tax
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DIY MIXING 200ml PG liquid £4.99 propylene glycol

This is the correct grade for diluting e-liquid being pharmaceutical grade it is the same as we use to make our unflavoured DIY e liquid. Contains no nicotine or flavourings.
Rebottled 1x bottle of 200ml of very high quality crystal clear propylene glycol in a Strong hdpe bottle.
propylene glycol  with extra twist cap open close nozzle
For long term storage please keep away from ultraviolet light/sunlight
 medium size is 110ml for £3.49  now with extra twist cap open close nozzle

INFORMATION  REGARDS mixing  weight 

PG weight per ml ——-1.037g (20/20°C) 

The industry standard acronym for propylene glycol is PG or MPG (mono-propylene glycol))

 Propylene Glycol is a known antimicrobial and is an effective widely used preservative this means in real life it lasts far longer than two years ( Propylene Glycol USP/EP  shelf life 2 years) providing it is properly stored  with the cap on and out of bright sunlight.

PG is a sweet tasting  liquid ——- However PG is  less sweet than VG or AG

PG is a Viscous liquid —-  far less viscous than VG or 10%AG

PG is  Clear, colourless,nearly odourless  - water clear with little to no smell 

PG is a hygroscopic liquid —   PG pulls and retain moisture,  water vapour, from the air

PG has Preservation qualities/ Antibacterial and anti-fungal properties

Boiling pint of PG is  - 188°C / 370°F

Min Pour point of PG is  minus - 57 °C ( sets like glass below this temp)

UK Postage on this item is by weight and size it is discounted to £3.95. 
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