Heat Shrink bands for 30ml unicorn bottles- X 200

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  • Heat Shrink bands for 30ml unicorn bottles- X 200
  • 30ml Unicorn shrink bands
  • shrink band
  • Weight: 40g
  • Product Condition: New
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200 bands*
£8.22 inc. tax
Product Description

Shrink bands for 30ml Unicorn bottles
pack size
200 bands = 1 pack
1000 bands = 5 packs of 200 bands

These clear tamper evident shrink bands  increase customer confidence in your product as they provide proof the contents remain factory sealed as they are tamper evident
Designed  to  fit 30ml Unicorn  dropper/e-liquid bottles

Q: Will they fit my 30ml Unicorn  bottles 
A : If  your 30ml Unicorn  bottles  have a Diameter of less 24mm they will fit all 30ml bottles with or without child resistant caps.

Q: Are these bands a  full body and cap wrap
A : Yes 

Please check your bottle  Diameter before you order-- max diameter fit =24mm

Q : Will they prevent leaks
A : No - leaks are due to the cap not being fully down/bad seal but they will secure caps and prevent tampering

Q: How do I  use these bands and do I need any skill
A :

1 - Slide a single band over pipette dropper cap till it rests on bottle shoulder
2- With care use an electric heat gun or electric paint stripper to heat the band ,it will rapidly shrink around the cap and grip the neck collar of the  bottle.

3 - As with anything the first few times may not be perfect  but you should get the hang of it very quickly 

Band specifications = laid flat size

38mm wide
110 mm tall
0.04 thickness
pack size 200 +/-

Heat shrink bands are also called: Neck band,Neck wrap bands,Heat shrink warp bands, cut shrink bands, custom cut bands, tamper evident bands, tamper-evident seals, safety seals, cap bands, clear bands,cap seals, seamless bands.

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