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  • Spiky Thing, Spikey Thing Refiller
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Original "Spiky Thing"- Child Resistant Cap refill bottle 
And now the new spikey thing Unicorn  Child Resistant Cap refill bottle

The original 5ml e-liquid plastic needle tipped dropper bottle is back - Still hand made in Norfolk

Now also in  30ml unicorn bottle  - please select size from drop down

This  handy user friendly device is ideal for refilling every type of vapeing device
It has a long strong yet flexible medical grade plastic tip that wont scratch or damage your dripper tank with the ability to reach places others cant.

Originally developed in 2010 as
an alternative to carrying  syringes  and metal needles in order to refill cartos and cigalikes cartomizers, clearomizers and offered  on my site from mid 2011 however In mid 2012  the Spiky Thing was put on hold due in part  to the emergence of the cheaper metal needle tip dropper bottle and the move to easy fill CE4s.

The vape market has now move on  and the "Spiky Thing" is once again the Ideal tool for dripping , tank refilling ,coil priming =  Back by popular demand.

instructions on filling Spiky thing

Unscrew and remove the child resistant bottle cap complete with the spike
Remove  bottle dropper tip and fill bottle
Replace dropper insert then replace  spike lid-  it is vital that the dropper insert is used 

Removing  excess  e-liquid  from your dripper with Spiky Thing

Hold spiky thing upright grip bottle to squeeze out some air

dip the tip of spike in liquid and release grip on bottle the Spiky Thing will then suck up liquid from your tank or e-liquid bottle

The "spiky thing" screw cap will also fit  many other sizes of bottle
The standard spiky thing naked  comes with a 5ml easy to squeeze  bottle  the cap will also fit a large number bottles from 3-100ml  providing they use the same screw thread/cap - All the dropper bottles sold on this site fit. 

The Spikey Thing Unicorn cap will fit a number of other size unicorn bottles providing they use the same screw thread/ CRC cap

Adjusting liquid flow 

if required the size of the tip hole can be increased by trimming a small amount from the tip

Length of usable tip on the these bottle is far longer than the metal tipped  bottles that tend to be around 12mm
at 3 x the length  the spiky thing can reach to the bottom of many tanks and  small botttles
Spiky Thing = 39mm
Spikey Thing unicorn = 38mm 

It is vital to Ensure that the original bottle- Dropper tip/insert  -is in place without it the Spiky Thing will turn into a leaky thing-

Unlike metal tipped  dripper bottles if assembled correctly the spiky thing will not leak

Other usages for Spiky filler include but are not limited to your imagination



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