Syringe from 1- 10ml

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  • Syringe from 1- 10ml
  • Syringe
  • Weight: 10g
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Individual sealed sterile luer slip syringe
Idea for refilling and adding flavours
For thicker VG you will find the 14 Gauge blunt needle is far quicker for drawing as it is a larger bore than the 18 Gauge Blunt  needle.
(For a DIY long large bore drawing needle please buy the 1ml pipettes that can be found on this site and cut off the bulb)

1ml -- standard Luer slip syringe -purple  plunger  
2ml - Luer slip -with a choice of 5 different coloured plungers to avoid flavour mix ups 
3ml-- Luer slip syringe
5ml  Luer slip syringe 
10ml  Luer slip syringe
1 X 14 Gauge 0.5 short  blunt needle for thick VG/AG
1 X 14 Gauge 1.5 long   blunt needle for thick VG/AG
1X 18  Gauge 1.5" long  blunt  needle for PG and flavourings

For postage weight 10 grams and falls into the up to 100g postage band

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