fiberglass Silica wick 2mm-1mm

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  • fiberglass Silica wick 2mm-1mm
  • wick
  • cig-eliquid
  • Weight: 10g
  • Product Condition: New
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£3.00 inc. tax
Product Description
1mm  or 2mm fibreglass (silica) wick  - please pick from the drop down

Price £2.50 per length

1mm wick =  10 meter total length

2mm wick = 5 meter total length
“OEM”  fibreglass wick, the the largest 2mm is CE4 size the 1mm is ideal for 4 strand hippie wick
The photos are of the 2 mm size 

  If you want to order to the EU please add the EU postage
The EU postage can be found on the left hand side of the page and will need to be added to your basket.

When cutting or using fibreglass wick it should first be wetted with a small amount of PG or VG this makes far easier to use and  prevents  dust.
Passing  the wetted 2mm wick though a 14g dispensing needle helps  you to push the metal tape back into the turet spike on ego-c ( see last image)




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