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Product Description

1x Large size  fibreglass lined Velcro top seal charging bag for e-cigarette battery charging
size approx 30x23cm or in old money 12x9inch  -around the size of A4 sheet of paper  weight 130g

Always connect the battery to be charged to the correct charging lead and if using a wall plug the correct wall plug.

Don't over tighten the usb to the battery it should never be crammed down this can damage the battery you are aiming to make a gentle electrical contact-finger tight

Place a single(1) battery in bottom of this bag and fold down and seal the Velcro top down with the charger lead through the space/ gap provided at the top of the seam

You will still need to remember to disconnect the battery as soon as it is  fully charged and you should not leave any charging batteries unattended

This bag is designed to reduce the chance of damage in the case of a lipo fire Should a battery fail when on charge
This bag is your first line of defence it will not stop/prevent smoke damage. 

pay particular attention regarding surfaces materials you place the charging bag on and around

over-charge or over-discharge a battery could result in a fire 

Lithium batteries can discharge very rapidly when short-circuited never charge a damaged battery any battery that 

fails to retain a charge should be discarded /treated as damaged

Never heat, incinerate or reverse polarity on a battery

Always use the correct charger designed for the battey to be placed on charge

The e-cigarette seen in the photo is only to give an idea of bag size you are only buying the charging bag 

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