Retained information for past sales of D.I.Y nicotine base to the Public--( High strength  D.I.Y nicotine is no longer offered for  sale to the Public)

A very quick and basic DIY e-liquid mixing guide

 In order to make your own e-liquids you must firstly have some understanding of e-liquids including the Nicotine strength of finished e-liquid you wish to make, for example your bottle of ready made e-liquid might be marked 12mg-1.2%

Also the ratio of PG to VG you enjoy in ready made e-liquids for example most off the shelf e-liquids have a ratio of  between 80/20 PG to VG and 50/50 PG to VG this is often not marked on ready made e-liquid  but around 70/30PG/VG is common.

In order to gain a good understanding please search the internet for DIY e-liquid and the UK e-cigarette forums as they are a mine of information on DIY mixing with page after page of e-liquid recipes and tips.

DIY mixing is a cost a effective way of making quality e-liquids. 


The basics  --- all liquids used including the flavours must be approved for vaping and in the case of PG,VG and nicotine they must be  USP /Pharmaceutical grade


1—-The Nicotine base.

Firstly read the bottle and find the strength of your base nicotine for example: 52mg (5.2%)indicates the level of pure nicotine in this case would denote it has 52mg per 1000mg.
1000mg =1ml 

If 52mg is mixed 50/50 or half and half with any liquids that don't contain nicotine the finished strength will be 26mg or 2.6% 

The Nicotine base liquid will be clearly marked it will also have a tactile warning triangle and safety warnings on the bottle along with a CRC - child resistant closer as it it classed as toxic.
Nicotine base  come in PG or VG please take this into account when working out your finished PG/VG ratio

Notes for NON nicotine parts of mix

2—Plain VG 

3—Plain PG 

4 —Flavourings 

The above liquids numbered from 2-4 Contain NO nicotine.

The more you add of any of these three liquids to your nicotine base the lower the nicotine content of the finished e-liquid  

1—— VG is Vegetable glycerine----Most VG sold for DIY mixing is AG- Aqueous Glycerol as some distilled water is added to the VG in order to make it less viscous for DIY mixing BUT to keep things simple it is often just called VG

VG = Low throat hit but good visible vapour it also has a very sweet taste and a tendency to muffles flavours it is not recommended to use above 50% VG in your total finished mix unless you are intolerant to PG or like cloud chasing. 


2——PG is Propylene Glycol = Throat hit and almost NO visible vapour with a sweet taste-  Recommended at less than 80% of total finished e-liquid as you need some VG in order to give visible vapour. 
If you wish to make a stealth e-liquid use all PG
Stealth e-liquid = if vapour is held in lungs for a few seconds little or no vapour is visible on exhale.


3——Flavours — Sometimes less is more it is very easy to add to much at the start- Almost all flavours designed for e-liquid are PG based

Fruit flavours tend to be far less potent and often require a higher percentage  (10%+) than the more prominent food and beverage flavours such as coffee, carmel ,toffee and other rich bold flavours that should be used at less than 5% to start with you can add more flavouring if needed. 

Different flavours from different makers need higher or lower percentages please check the makers web site or the forums to find the recommended amount to add.  


Making a mix

 First thing I recommend is to go online and find a free to use e-liquid mixing calculator and spend some time playing with it. 

 e-liquid mixing calculator  are a great tool and will show you the correct amounts of each liquid you will need in order to make a finished e-liquid

providing you manually enter 

1 The strength of your base nicotine. and if it is PG or VG based

2 The finished ratio of PG to VG you want 

3 The size in ml of the mix you are making

4 The % or ml of flavouring


As with may other e-liquid calculators the quantities of each liquid needed to make a finished e-liquid are shown in ml and also drops

Please note if you mix using drops any drop size will vary with different viscosity liquids and dropper hole size.

 I myself mix in an empty bottle starting with the nicotine base first then I add the flavour and lastly plain PG and plain VG

My reason for adding the nicotine firsts is purely to give  a visual indicator of how much nicotine base I have added to the mix.

For the nicotine base and the PG,VG I use a syringe that closely matches the volume i need -  if I need 4ml of any liquid I would use the 5ml syringe rather than the 10ml one
I add my flavours by the drop.( 20 drops of flavour from a dropper bottle work out at around 1ml) 

Others make a mix in a glass tumbler then with a syringe fill small dropper bottles.


1 you start out making small batches 10ml or less. 

2 That you take notes and remember to label you e-liquids with % of flavour and mg strength  and if you wish the  PG/VG ratio of finished e-liquid

3  Please read the safety page on this site

 4 Don't be in to much of a hurry to bin a mix that does not taste as you expected or wished as it might need to steep.

Steeping —- Can often drastically improve many if not all mixes

It is best to leave a fresh batch of e-liquid for a week or two for it to develop a full and rounded flavour.

This can be done by safely placing you freshly made bottle of e-liquid in a warm place with the top off and the dropper insert out in order to allow the air to get to it.

Other methods involve warming it up by placing the bottle in a cup of hot water. repeated shaking to get some air in the mix and even placing it in an ultrasonic cleaner. 

5 please remember when washing out dropper bottles and other plastic items not to use very hot or boiling water as they will distort/go out of shape and some strong flavours just won't wash away.

6 When making a mix have a small bowl/glass of water to hand for washing out pipettes and syringes -suck squirt 3-4 times.

What else can I do 

 If a bottle of ready made e-liquid has far to much flavour for your taste buds

 Mix up a bottle of unflavoured e-liquid with the same nicotine strength (mg)as the over flavoured ready made.

Adding any amount of this unflavoured e-liquid will weaken the flavour down but the mg/nicotine strength will remain the same.

Mixing Guide

Mixing guide for 52mg cige-liquid (this guide is not to be used for 72mg)
The non nicotine diluent is your choice of PG /VG/ and flavouring 




 Equal Parts of

Nicotine base liquid





 Equal Parts of

Non Nicotine Diluent
Including Flavour





 Approx Finished Strength




 28                      12  36mg - super high
 20  20  26mg - x high
 18  22  24mg - v high
 14  26  18mg - high
 9  31  12mg - medium
 5  35  6mg - low

(Total number of Equal Parts =40) 
(drop size can vary dramatically between liquids of different viscosities) 
flavouring you will need between 1-25% of the finished liquid depending on your tastes and the maker 

This mixture is 52mg per 1ml not per bottle. 1000mg = 1ml 

This base e-liquid when mixed 50/50 (1/2 and 1/2) or 1 part plus 1 part with a liquid containing no nicotine results in the finished e-liquid having a strength of 26mg per ml ( 2.6%) 

2 parts of this 52mg plus 1 part of a nicotine free liquid will result in a finished strength of 34.66 mg or 3.46% super high 
1 part of this 52mg plus 1 part of a nicotine free liquid will result in a finished strength of 26mg or 2.6 % x high 
1 part of this 52 mg plus 2 parts of a nicotine free liquid will result in a finished strength of 17.33 mg or 1.73% high 
1 part of this 52mg plus 3 parts of a nicotine free liquid will result in a finished strength of 13mg or 1.3% medium 
1 part of this 52mg plus 8 parts of a nicotine free liquid will result in a finished strength of 5.77mg or 0.577% low


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