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This webstore was opened in march 2011 with the aim  providing high quality  
freshly made DIY base e-liquid for the growing UK vapeing community

 You need to be over 18 to purchase/order age restricted  items from this webstore

Top quality e-liquid base intended for DIY mixing. 
All ingredients in my 52mg and 72mg base liquid are of the highest quality pharmaceutical grade.

you can fine  a true copy of CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS for the pure nicotine used by me to make  the DIY base on this webshop

In line with  the TPD All DIY base nicotine sold on this site was mixed on site in small batches from the very highest grade pure nicotine before 19th November 2016 then stored at very low temp under argon to keep it fresh.
By using only USP grade  pure Nicotine I can be 100 percent sure I am selling the strength I claim and the purity you are looking for.

How far will a bottle go 

At a finished diluted  strength of 8mg a single 250 ml bottle of 72mg  will make 225 x 10 ml bottles .

if you use 3 ml per day it will make enough for around 750  days

At a finished diluted strength of 18mg a single 250 ml bottle of 72mg  will make 100  x 10 ml bottles if you use 3 ml per day it will make enough for around 333  days

Please  note all base nicotine bottles sold on this site are filled to the brim and the bottles are Argon purged before filling 


My flavours are all supplied by Hangsen in China as they use Tobacco leaf rather than chemicals with long numbers for their Tobacco flavours resulting in what I believe to be a fuller more rounded taste.

While many vendors hold in stock thousands of different strengths/flavours of e-liquid and a vast amount of e-cigarettes/spare parts we are proud to offer mainly  DIY items keeping our overheads low and the price to you down without compromising safety or quality.

Other than e-mails to confirm your order and to confirm your order has been dispatched you will not get Junk e-mails from me 

I can strongly recommend  both the  AAE-C forum and UK Vapers forum ,they are a mine of information on DIY mixing or just more information on e-cigarettes.
I also recommend http://whatecigarette.co.uk/e-liquid-calculator/
My UK Postage rates for orders 

postage - 0g to 100g 0g 100g £1.95 = 3x20ml small bottles--first class postage
postage - 101g to 200g 101g 200g £2.20 = up to 5x20ml  small bottles-- first class postage
postage - 201g to 1000g 201g 1000g £3.95 = up to 2 x large bottles and a number of  smaller items + sent first class or first class recorded i
postage - 1001g to 2000g 1001g 2000g £3.95 = up to 5xlarge bottles and a number of smaller items -sent second class recorded
postage - 2001g to 5000g 2001g 5000g £14.00 = over 5 large bottles-sent recorded 
postage - 5001g to 10000g 5001g unlimited £19.00 = You are expecting the end of the vaping world as we know it!

For Non UK orders you will need to ADD EU postage details can be found on the left hand side of the page 

If you do not add the EU postage at the same time you place the order I will send a paypal request for the missing EU  postage - as this invoice  is then treated as a fresh payment by paypal I will add another £0.50 to the total to cover the paypal min  transaction  fee

You should not use any of my high strength DIY nicotine without diluting it down to a safe strength.

Used to make your own blend mix to your finished strength or to strengthen up weaker mixes. High quality at a reasonable price. Available in  20ml ,100ml or 250ml PG/VG.
HDPE bottles CHIP compliant labels with child resistant closer and tactile warning symbol. 
You may only purchase from this site if you are 18 years or older you may NOT purchase on behalf of others who are below 18 years of age . We will cancel any transactions that we believe to break this rule. 

After mixing I recommend the max strength for any mix should be below 36mg (super strong cigarettes) 

Mixing Guide

Mixing guide for 52mg cig-eliquid DIY base nicotine  (this guide is not to be used for 72mg strength)
The non nicotine diluent is your choice of PG /VG/ and flavouring 




           Equal parts of

DIY Base Nicotine




                   Equal parts of

Non Nicotine Dilutent
Including Flavour





 Approx Finished Strength




 28                      12  36mg - super high
 20  20  26mg - x high
 18  22  24mg - v high
 14  26  18mg - high
 9  31  12mg - medium
 5  35  6mg - low

(total number of Equa lparts= 40) 
(drop size can vary dramatically between liquids of different viscosities) 
flavouring you will need between 1-25% of the finished liquid depending on your tastes and the maker 

This mixture is 52mg per 1ml not per bottle. 1000mg = 1ml 

This base e-liquid when mixed 50/50 (1/2 and 1/2) or 1 part plus 1 part with a liquid containing no nicotine results in the finished e-liquid having a strength of 26mg per ml ( 2.6%) 

2 parts of this 52mg plus 1 part of a nicotine free liquid will result in a finished strength of 34.66 mg or 3.46% super high 
1 part of this 52mg plus 1 part of a nicotine free liquid will result in a finished strength of 26mg or 2.6 % x high 
1 part of this 52 mg plus 2 parts of a nicotine free liquid will result in a finished strength of 17.33 mg or 1.73% high 
1 part of this 52mg plus 3 parts of a nicotine free liquid will result in a finished strength of 13mg or 1.3% medium 
1 part of this 52mg plus 8 parts of a nicotine free liquid will result in a finished strength of 5.77mg or 0.577% low 

Free to use e-liquid mixing calculators can be found on the internet 

Most  mixes need to sit and stew for an hour or two to achieve their final taste, and some will need days.
Some flavours are very very strong if you have not used a particular flavour before start off with a small amount and work up. 

Avoid contaminating the main bottle of unflavoured e-liquid 

Over time your bottle of Nicotine will react with O2 to make brownish cotinine. There is trace O2 present in VG or PG/. It takes almost no cotinine to yellow this mixing liquid, the more O2 the darker it turns. This will not reduce the nicotine by more than a few % and it will remain fit to use.
PleasekeepyourDIY base Cool as heat will rapidly colour your liquid. 

Postage cost:  Postal rate are for the UK  this price covers all packing and post and is based on weight  and size 
Delivery: we try to despatch the same or next working days from receipt of your order. 
Europe price is £2.00 extra  this is for airmail small package up to one large bottles and any number of smaller items  if your order contains more than one of the  large size bottles(200- 250ml size)   you will need to add an extra EU postage per large bottle to covers all packing and post. (Please remember to buy the eu post ) 

Over 18's rule all items will be sent to pay pal name and address /card holders name and address only 

Cancellation: You have the right to cancel the order within 14 working days without reason.  If you do cancel you must pay the cost of returning the goods.
 We will refund your money within 14 day of receipt of the returned goods provided they have not been opened or removed from the sealed layflat.  

Contact: E. Mail can be made through the contact page or in writing to PG Liquid 23 Theatre Street Dereham Norfolk  NR192EN 

Nicotine is addictive and a poison users do so at your own risk We are not a pharmaceutical company and this is not a medical product. 

By using PayPal secure checkout services, we will never have store or see any of your credit or debit card details or other personal financial information.

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