public safety  information-----for nicotine base  sold to the public before  20/5/2017

52mg /72mg DIY e-liquid please read
  • All nicotine base that has been long term stored in the freezer must  be given a good long gentle  shake before using or removing the cap this is very important with  Nicotine in VG as the pure nicotine used might separate /float to the top part of the bottle over time.

Child safety 


  • Do not rely on the safety cap on your bottle to stop or even slow your kids.
  • Don't mix your e- juice when children are present clean up after yourself.
  • Keep all e-liquids and e-cigs lock away and out of reach of children.
  • Very concentrated flavours and menthol crystals can hurt or distress your children.
  • Children should be warned not to touch your liquids
  • Put warning stickers on any small dropper bottles you Carry about in your pockets only use dropper bottles with safety caps
  • If you have young children do not store any e-liquid in your fridge unless in a locked box 
  • If you think that a child has swallowed any liquid get medical help IMMEDIATELY.

 Safety of others

  • Do not drip and drive.
  • When out and about try to only use dropper bottles with safety caps and tactile warning triangles
  • Partially sighted or blind people can mistake e-liquid dropper bottles for eye drops tactile warning triangles can help prevent this. 
  • Keep cartridges/liquid locked up, out of reach of leaning-impaired persons at all times.
  • May cause harm to the unborn child - do not use if you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding.

Pet safety

  • Pets Tend to eat things that fall to the floor.
  • Dogs and other pets can jump up as you mix you must keep them out of the room when mixing.
  • PG is very bad for cats 
  • Your safety
  • Do your research not all flavour/sweeteners you might wish to add to base liquid are suitable or safe for vaping for example diacetyl (2,3-Butanedione)is used in some but not all flavours.

    Don't use perfumes or anything containing mineral oils such as castor oil and paraffin they can result in Lipoid pneumonia /oil pneumonia only use under no circumstances use aromatherapy oils or essential oils in your device.

  • When mixing do not eat or drink if you swallow/swig e- liquid diy base wash your mouth out with plenty of water get medical help IMMEDIATELY nicotine is very toxic in contact with the mucuses membrane(inside of mouth).
  • Wear gloves + protective clothing when mixing high strength liquids
  • This base liquid must be diluted the max finished strength to be below 36mg - super strong. 
  • You must understand how to dilute this liquid if not please return unopened for a refund.
  • This mixtures nicotine content is mg per 1ml not per bottle 1ml = approx 20 drops ( drop size can vary dramatically between liquids of different viscosities and droppers/pipette size)
  • Don't be afraid of your DIY base liquid but you need to handle it with respect.
  • Free to use e-liquid mixing calculators can be found on the internet
  • Do NOT mix if you are drunk /stoned / having a really bad day.
  • When mixing have room to work, have time to work ,don't rush when finished lock e-liquids away and dispose of all empty bottles/rubbish safely.
  • Replace lids on bottles as soon as you can to avoid spills work on a tray to catch any spills
  • Always properly mark any bottle that contains any nicotine 
  • If you tip or spill strong DIY  base liquid on your clothes you will need to remove them at once and wash any liquid off your skin IMMEDIATELY.
  • toxic in contact with skin/eyes wash IMMEDIATELY with plenty of water
  • You MUST be able to get to running water or have a large bowl of water to hand.
  • In case of accident or if you feel unwell contact your doctor / hospital seek medical advice(show the label where possible)
  • If you feel dizzy,nauseous or get a headache using your e-cigarette you may be vaping a mix that has to much nicotine in try a lower strength mix or use your e-cigarette less Frequently.
  • Batteries can fail when charging ,please charge your battery in a empty tin box or a battery bag and only use the correct charger for the battery 
  • If you have long term stored your nicotine base in the freezer you must give it a good long gentle  shake before using or removing the cap this is very important with  Nicotine in VG as the pure nicotine used might separate /float to the top part of the bottle over time.

  • DIY Nicotine Base is Not intended to be used to directly refill a nicotine inhaling device;

    DIY Nicotine base = A liquid  with a very high level of Nicotine - far higher (mg) strength than can ever be used directly in any nicotine inhaling device.

    DIY Base nicotine  contain no flavourings

    DIY Base nicotine  on its own will not mimic the vapour or taste of  e-liquids 

    Usage: This high strength nicotine liquid may be added to ready made e-liquids to adjust/increase  the nicotine level (mg) or used as raw ingredient in the manufacture of e-liquids.

    All  high strength DIY  Nicotine bases  always requires  diluting  down with a number of  liquids that contain NO  Nicotine (for example  PG,VG,AG or PEG )to a safe mg strength -

    Recommended max  finished strength in line with TPD is 20mg.

    it also require blending with other ingredients- flavourings. 

    In short never fill your nicotine inhaling device with DIY Nicotine base - it is not ready to use e-liquid - Q What happens if i use this product  without following  the instructions to dilute and mix with other non nicotine liquids

    A: It will not work as you intend it will fail to produce the taste or vapour consistency you require  and most importantly it will most likely make you feel very unwell- along the lines of chain smoking cigars.


  • Please remember there are many drugs that can be affected by nicotine including prescription and over-the-counter medications they include vitamins,minerals,herbal products please ask your doctor its your life.


Misc Information




  • Nicotine is classed as a poison in its pure form, taken in high enough doses it can kill.
  • Nicotine is addictive and habit forming Nicotine is a toxic poisonous substance. It can be fatal
  • Only intended for use by persons of legal smoking age, not by non smokers
  • This is not a smoking cessation product and has not been tested as such. Not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any condition, disorder, disease or physical or mental conditions and should not be used as a substitute for your doctors advice.
  • If you smoke tobacco products, you are encouraged to stop. If you wish to stop smoking please ask your doctor about NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy)



This mixture is classified as “Toxic” 

Toxic if swallowed 
toxic in contact with skin  
Wash hands thoroughly after handling
Do not eat drink or smoke when using this product
IF SWALLOWED Immediately call a POISON CENTER or doctor/physician
Rinse mouth
Store locked up
Wear protective gloves
IF ON SKIN wash with plenty of soap and water
Remove/take off contaminated clothing and wash contaminated clothing before reuse

Nicotine CAS No: 54-11-5 EC No: 200-193-3 Annex I Index No: 614-001-00-4

Keep locked up and out of reach of children  



PG —-Information  Regards e-liquid 

PG weight per ml ——-1.037g (20/20°C) 

The industry standard acronym for propylene glycol is PG or MPG (mono-propylene glycol))

 Propylene Glycol is a known antimicrobial and is an effective widely used preservative this means in real life it lasts far longer than two years ( Propylene Glycol USP/EP  shelf life 2 years) providing it is properly stored  with the cap on and out of bright sunlight.

PG is a sweet tasting  liquid——- However PG is  less sweet than VG or AG

PG is a Viscous liquid —-  far less viscous than VG or 10%AG

PG is  Clear, colourless,nearly odourless  - water clear with little to no smell 

PG is a hygroscopic liquid —   PG pulls and retain moisture,  water vapour, from the air

PG has Preservation qualities/ Antibacterial and anti-fungal properties

Boiling pint of PG is  - 188°C / 370°F

Min Pour point of PG is  minus - 57 °C ( sets like glass below this temp)

The Result of over heating/burning  PG  due to dry hit  = very nasty foul taste and  Formaldehyde 

No formaldehyde is  produced from PG  at  normal  operating voltage/temp

Any  strong odour, higher acidity,  high colour will  indicate  that PG- (propylene glycol)  has started to degrade and should be discarded



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